Case Studies

Setting up a PMO to better manage Project Portfolio

Efficient management of technology projects has been a challenge for many mid-size companies. Most of them struggle with getting their hands around the ever-growing number of efforts and initiatives. With more initiatives comes the responsibility of managing a bigger budget, additional resources and higher organizational impact. Needless to say, this also brings in additional management scrutiny and accountability.


Configuring ePMOlite™ to manage Projects and Products

Learning Without Tears (LWT)– a mid-market Education Technology company has a unique situation. Their Technology department not only manages a portfolio of external facing and revenue generating educational products; but also an array of internal back office systems and projects. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for both the product and internal project portfolios. He has to carefully balance the capacity of a single pool of resources who cater to both the portfolios. Each portfolio has its own strategic goals as well as certain common goals.


A Case for Strategic Default Management

Fannie Mae, the leader in the secondary mortgage market industry and a regular member on Fortune-500 list, realized soon after the real estate market meltdownthat its Default Management process and capabilities are not in a state to address thecurrent market conditions. It needed to make an enterprise wide change and updateto its business model to take advantage of industry changing opportunities.

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