How effective is your Project Management Office?

Does it provide the value it is supposed to?

Many growing enterprise struggle to put their arms around:
  How to align their corporate strategy to project initiatives.
  How to prioritize the portfolio of projects against limited dollars.
  Where to allocate resources for optimized utilization with the biggest bang for the buck.
  What resources to hire and when.
  How best to manage the project finances while ensuring accounting needs such as capitalization tracking.
  What information to present at different levels of stakeholder – from management to business partners to project teams.

If any of this sound familiar to you then ePMOLite is the tool for you

ePMOLite is a lean package of all essential PMO functionality that a growing organization needs . It allows you to:
Map your organization’s strategic goals to executable initiatives with measurable benefit targets.
Intake requests for non-strategic projects into a Demand Management process to build, prioritize and manage through a RTB portfolio.
Allocate resources effectively and efficiently.
Analyze and optimize resources utilization.
Identify resource gaps and needs.
Track project financials at budget, forecast and actual levels.
Monitor Financial health using Variance analysis and report using financial dashboards.
Capture capitalizable coasts for accounting purposes.
Report project health to stakeholders using comprehensive dashboards.
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